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Digital Collective Studios is a award-winning multimedia studio dedicated to pushing the creative boundaries of design and technology to deliver high impact rich media solutions. With an exceptional reputation in Adobe Creative Suite, Digital Collective Studios also offers an array of design and development services including interactive design, development, motion graphics, 3D design, rich media, video production and
 corporate identity.


As the rich media landscape is forever evolving, the demand for high-impact experiences rises to new levels, as we constantly strive to achieve lasting impressions for our clients. Digital Collective Studios has been regimented to this principle through our notion of “Progressive Design Technology”; which simply reminds us that within each and every client engagement there exists and opportunity to explore new creative potential. It is this vision that drives our commitment to push the boundaries of design and technology and to deliver the best next generation solutions. At Digital Collective Studios, we harness our insight, dedication and expertise to challenge the boundaries of creativity and deliver on tomorrow’s capabilities.

Stay Curious. Stay Humble.


"The world is a very astonishing place. Things still amaze me. And I think that’s a benefit of being in design technology. For the possibility for learning never disappears, and you basically have to admit you never really learn it."


Emmanuel Rivera

Founder  I  Chief Digital Officer



Emmanuel Rivera is an award-winning independent creative director, designer, & motion graphics artist, working across multiple mediums including Broadcast, Web, Interactive & Design.




Digital footage and animation set your brand in motion, opening up three-dimensional worlds of imagination. These spaces captivate audiences with engaging content about your products and services.


Presentations are our expertise and we believe they matter to every business and individual. When the time comes to present, we want your presentation to benefit you and your audience, and not be a hindrance.


The highly visible and appealing designs we produce make your product or business unveiling a meaningful experience


Info-graphics makes some sense in this cluttered Internet world. Clients instantly get what you’re about or what you’re offering.


Our complementary UX/UI-based designs flesh out your brand’s digital body, lending it essential life functions – like usability and intuition. They work seamlessly across the full span of digital channels.


We take your brand on a trek down the hottest media avenues, sporting bold, innovative design and animation..

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